Just register as Agent/AgentPro and start browsing property to sale.

AgentPro is an agent that has industrial training of being a Real Estate Negotiator. They need to provide their Real Estate Negotiator ID in order to be AgentPro . They will receive a different commission rate than Agent.

To be upgraded from Agent to AgentPro , you need to complete 3 sales as an Agent and you will be automatically upgraded to AgentPro subject to approval.

As for Agent , there will be no approval needed from EzyAgents. But for AgentPro , once they submitted their REN ID or any type of Proof that they are qualified as a Real Estate Negotiator , EzyAgents will take 1-2 working days to approve their submission and upgrade them to AgentPro.

Yes. Every property that has been listed on the App have been through our screening and up for sales. For further information of the property , you can check via the “More Info” in the app and directly make an appointment to visit the sales gallery with the help of an assigned Project Manager.

The project manager for every property will be appointed by EzyAgents. What they will do is they will provide you with the vital information at the sales gallery and help you to close the sale. Worry not, they are one of our representative and they know that their role is to help you to close the deal but you will be receiving the full commission.

If your client are ready to buy the property listed from EzyAgents , you can book the property via the EzyAgents app by uploading the booking form and the proof of payment for the booking fee. Booking form will be provided by the project manager.

Apart from providing sources of Property ,EzyAgents provides loan arrangement as well for your client. If you already have a person to handle your loan application , you can untick that box. Otherwise, EzyAgent will appoint you with our Loan Assistant that will assist your client in applying for the loan.

You need to follow up with the buyer and they need to provide you (Agent/AgentPro) with approval letter and you need to submit to us via email at care@ezyagents.com with the title of the project and your EzyAgents ID.

Once the SPA has been signed , we will liased with the lawyer to verify the SPA signings status. Once verified , developer needs to stamp the SPA. If you opted for fast commission , you can get your commission in 7 working days from the SPA stamped. If you opted to get the normal commission , you will receive your commission when the developer released the payment to EzyAgents.

EzyAgents Exclusive Referral Programs is a two-tier commission for Agent/AgentPro to earn extra source of income. When their downline closed a deal ,they will be entitled to get commission from 0.2%-0.1% of the total commission.

The payout for your referral program will be made based on the normal commission payout. There is NO fast commission option for the referral program. 

Yes. In the EzyAgents APP , you will be able to track your downline performance. There will be a tab for you to track what sales have they made.

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